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10 May 2021


You can be present during the T-Meeting!

Although we are unfortunately not allowed to admit an audience, jury members and volunteers are not only welcome, but also needed for another great edition of the T-Meeting. Do you have a jury diploma or have you ever helped in a competition? Then we are looking for you! Because the T-Meeting has added the combined-events to the program this year, more helping hands are needed than usual. Do not doubt whether you can help, we will probably find a nice task so that you can experience top athletics up close and the athletes can participate in a well-organized competition at the same time. Lunches and snacks are of course provided. If you want to help out one or more days in the weekend of 22, 23 and 24 May, please register via the registration form for volunteers.


Side event

25 Apr. 2021


The Atletiekunie has received a guarantee under the 'Top Sport Exception' to organize 10 competitions, regardless of the COVID-19 measures. The T-Meeting falls within these 10 competitions and is therefore part of the so called National Qualification Circuit. Because there are currently only 10 events officially taking place in the Netherlands, top athletes only get a limited number of moments this year to qualify for tournaments. Since the T-Meeting wants to be there for the athletes, we will also offer a full two-day combined-event (decathlon/heptathlon) this year! In this way we hope to offer the top all-round athletes a wonderful opportunity to reach their limits.


This combined-event will be held as a side event under the flag of the T-Meeting in the weekend prior to the T-Meeting. On this Saturday (May 22) and Sunday (May 23) there will be room for a total of 8 men and 8 women. By making this possible, this select group of athletes can prepare for the Olympic summer.


The registraion for this combined-event is now open. The selection for this combined-event is determined by the T-Meeting organization. Want to know more about how the T-Meeting deals with the corona measures, read on here. The timetable for the combined-event can be found on atletiek.nu.


On Monday 24 May, the T-Meeting organization will again be fully committed to sprinting & jumping events as everyone is used from us.

Green light for the T-Meeting

15 Apr. 2021


The T-Meeting has now received permission from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the municipality of Tilburg to hold an edition in 2021, which means that the T-Meeting will be held this year! This permission has been given under strict conditions and unfortunately without an audience, but on Monday May 24, the sprint and jump athletes are welcome again on the MONDO track in Tilburg. In the coming days we will share more information about this anniversary edition and the registration will also open in a couple of days, keep an eye on us on facebook, instagram or twitter for the latest news.


Monday, May 24, 2021

The 10th T-Meeting

T-Meeting 2021

7 Apr. 2021


The T-Meeting would like to be there again this year for the athletes! Here is a short update of the status behind the scenes: the T-Meeting falls within the exception of top sport, in which a select number of athletic competitions have been given permission from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport to continue in the coming months (with strict conditions such as mandatory tests, no audience and a maximum of 250 unique participants). The atletiekunie has worked hard for this and we are grateful if we can again support athletics in the Netherlands in these difficult times. This approval from the ministry is a good first step, but unfortunately not a completely green light. For a full green light, the permission of the local municipality is also required for each competition separately. We had hoped to have this done by now, but unfortunately this will take a little longer than expected. We hope that the municipality of Tilburg will agree with the choice of the Ministry and support the T-Meeting in this, and hope that the other municipalities will also do this at our fellow top competitions in the Netherlands!


Behind the scenes, the T-Meeting Team is currently working hard to prepare the best possible edition for the athletes within these conditions and limitations. Hopefully more (good) news soon!


For now, put in pencil in the agenda: 24 May the 10th T-Meeting


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