Version: June 30, 2021

Read below how the T-Meeting website handles the privacy of athletes and visitors of



To gain insight into the user experience of visitors to this website, uses Matomo. Matomo is a free open source software package, which has been developed as a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. This software package runs on the servers of the T-Meeting organization, so that all information obtained remains within the T-Meeting organization. Unlike, for example, Google Analytics, this information is not shared with parties outside the T-Meeting (including the developers of Matomo). The servers of the T-Meeting organization are located within the European Union. Thanks to the data obtained, the T-Meeting website can be optimized. For example, it kepts track of how fast or slow pages load, which pages are frequently or rarely visited and from which country the visitors come from. The full IP address of the visitor is not stored here, so that this data cannot be traced back to individual persons. To make all this possible, places a number of cookies. Cookies are small text files that a website can place on the visitor's computer.


The videos that are present on are displayed embed, so that an external website is loaded within that of the T-Meeting. The videos come from vimeo and youtube, and in both cases the videos are embed in such a way that no external tracking cookies are placed.

Photos: tag information


Some photo albums that can be found on are also available on our facebook page. Within this facebook page people can be tagged in the photos present. This (public) tag information is taken over by This ensures that athletes can quickly and clearly consult all their data on their own page. Athletes can always request to have a tag removed. Removing a complete photo on is also an option if an athlete is unwanted in this photo. Requests can be submitted via .

Photos: start number detection uses artificial intelligence (pre-trained machine learning models) to recognize BIB numbers and the location of athletes in the photos. This allows athletes to find their photos on this website in an overview in an athletes page. It is possible that some start numbers are not recognized, or in exceptional cases are recognized incorrectly. Passing on corrections or submitting requests to delete this information is possible by sending a message to If an athlete is of the opinion that he or she is undesirable in a photo, a request can also be made to have the photo removed from



Over the years, various external parties have made videos during the T-Meeting. provides an overview of publicly available videos of the event. These videos are always shown embed and remain the property of the rights holder. A citation is displayed with each video.



The T-Meeting has a processing agreement with (link). This states, among other things, that the Organizer (T-Meeting) and both own the event results and have the right to publish them (online).

Portrait right


Athletes grant the T-Meeting during registration via, by accepting the terms of use (link), permission for the publication and reproduction of, among other things, photos and images (during or around the competition), on which the athlete is visible on. If an athlete is of the opinion that they are undesirable in a photo, a request can be made to to have the photo removed from

Athlete pages combines all information of an athlete on the website in an athlete page. If there are other privacy concerns than those discussed above, you can contact us via For example, it is possible to protect a specific athlete page from search engines, so that the page cannot be found via, for example, Google. If there are other objections, we are happy to think along with you to find a suitable solution.