T-Meeting 2024

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The participant lists have been published on Admission was based on the order of the best performance provided. The best performance from 2023 or 2024 at the time of registration was considered. The screening took place on May 14, and the selection was made. You can submit relevant performance improvements by emailing



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Report cancellations (stating reasons) as soon as possible to the competition secretary ( The registration fee will not be refunded for cancellations after the screening (14 May 2024).




During the previous editions, it has happened several times that athletes still want to register after the registration period. If there was still room for it, we allowed it. But in the situation that there were negative consequences for the athletes who did register on time, we refused these late registrations, even though there were sometimes international top athletes among them.


We have been working with wildcards since 2019 to improve this. Per event and per gender, 1 place is reserved for an athlete who was unable to register on time due to circumstances and who is of a high level (near the meeting records). The allocation is determined by the organization and is based on the moment of registration. The wildcard reservations will expire on Sunday 6 pm.


We are open to receive questions or feedback about this wildcard arrangement via