The T-Meeting

From, for & by athletes

The T-Meeting is an athletics competition that has been held in Tilburg since 2011 on Whit Monday. The vision of the T-Meeting is: "Athletics is our passion and we believe that the athlete can exceed himself. We want to create optimal conditions with this mindset and want to be among the top three track competitions in the Netherlands" .


See below how this vision makes the T-Meeting a unique competition in the Netherlands.

We keep an eye on the wind all day and during the preparations for the tailwind events, we determine the ideal sprint or jumping direction.


Percentage of results with tailwind in 2019



Average wind in 2019

+1.8 m/s

The fast MONDO track with 8 lanes round and 9 sprinting lanes is ideal for the focus on the sprinting and jumping events.


MONDO baan

Within the vision of the T-Meeting, we believe that the athlete can always exceed himself. See below how many athletes have exceeded themselves during the T-Meeting in 2019.


Number of results better than at registration


out of 486


Number of athletes with at least one better performance than at registration


out of 349

At the T-Meeting, the athlete is central, not only during the competition but also afterwards. Our website is fully designed with the athlete in mind. For example, this website contains:






World Athletics reviews all competitions every year based on the athletes participating and the achieved results. In 2019 we came with a score of 73229 points in the third place in the Netherlands.


Dutch Nationals

148 k


FBK Games

82.9 k



73.2 k


Ter specke bokaal

73.0 k


Harry Schulting Games

72.1 k


Gouden Spike

71.7 k