Prize money

Prize money T-Meeting 2024

This year the T-Meeting has prize money on all sprint & jumping events! There are also nice bonuses to be earned. These prizes & bonuses are made available by the sponsors . The prices & bonuses below apply to the 2024 T-Meeting edition.

Prize money per event

For women & men


Element 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
100 meter €100 €75 €50
400 meters hurdles €100 €75 €50
Triple jump €100 €75 €50
200 meters €100 €75 €50
400 meters €100 €75 €50
100/110 meter hurdles* €100 €75 €50
Long jump €100 €75 €50
High jump €100 €75 €50
Pole vaulting €100 €75 €50

(*) Senior hurdles height



Furthermore, a bonus can be earned per athlete. Bonuses are not cumulative: the highest bonus achieved per athlete will be awarded to the athlete. The bonus is separate from the prize money per event.


Record or limit performance Bonus
Meeting Record €250
European/World Cup U20 €150
Olympic Games (AU limit) €500
Dutch Record (seniors) €500


A maximum of €1,500 in bonuses will be awarded. In the event that the total of bonuses exceeds €1,500, the amount of €1,500 will be distributed among the athletes in proportion to the bonus achieved. If a bonus is obtained, the athlete must report this to the organization within 48 hours after the competition (to prevent the organization from overlooking a bonus).


Meeting Record

A bonus of €250 for athletes who have set a new meeting record at the end of the day. Bonuses for meeting records only apply to the regular parts of the T-Meeting. The regular events are: 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, 100/110 meters hurdles, 400 meters hurdles, Long jump, Triple jump, High jump and Pole vault. We do not pay bonuses for Meeting Records on one-off parts and side events.


European Championship / World Cup U20 limit

A bonus of €150 for Dutch athletes who meet the European Championship / World Cup U20 limit as set by the athletics union for the first time during the T-Meeting, with valid wind. See the qualification requirements of the athletics union.


Olympic games limit achievement

Athletes who meet the Olympic Games limit as set by the athletics union, with valid wind, will receive a bonus of €500. See the qualification requirements here.


Dutch Record

A bonus of €500 for athletes who set a new Dutch Record among regular seniors during the T-Meeting. Logically, this bonus is only available to athletes with Dutch nationality.